Get outdoors in Greenwich today! lists the weather in Greenwich to be good for today, then will rapidly decline over the course of the week. What does that mean? Time to get outside today, while it lasts! I am thinking of doing a little hiking, after I get done with work. I’m training still for the Tri-State Trek, so a little hiking would be a great way to build up the endurance and get those muscles working in ways that you just can’t quite achieve while cooped up indoors. I love hiking in Greenwich, CT, but it is hard to beat the hiking in St. Stephen, UK. Anyways, have to get back to work here at Dent Investments, before I get caught blogging again!

Training for the 10th Annual Tri-State Trek!

I’m really excited to have registered for the 10th Annual Tri-State Trek! I felt a slight tingle across my quads when I typed “Stephen Dent, Greenwich” on my registration form, and I can’t wait to get together with some other trainees! If you’ve never heard of it, the tri-state trek involves bicycling 270 miles, from Boston to New York. Why would anyone do this? Because its awesome! But besides that one obvious point, it also raises money to end ALS, which is also Lou Gehrig’s disease. It feels really good to be working for such a good cause, and plus I just really love everything Greenwich outdoors. The trek is July 20-22, so I have plenty of time to train before the event, which is seriously good because I even though I am in great shape 270 miles is pretty hardcore. Going to be hitting the back trails of Greenwich, CT pretty hard on my bike, probably wearing a weighted vest to help build my endurance. As a matter of fact, I better get training right now! Anyone else riding the tri-state trek?

Thanksgiving, Skiing, More!

There are few things that an outdoor enthusiast living in Greenwich, CT could possibly love more than eating and skiing, though preferably not at the same time! The snow has been a little lame thus far, I will admit, but the food on Thanksgiving was amazing, and that makes up for the somewhat sucky skiing. My wonderful mother cooked the turkey and pies while I did all the sides and dressings-mashed potatoes, yams with brown sugar and marshmallows, stuffing, corn, biscuits, cranberry sauce-it was fantastic! Plus, in addition to feasting like a freaking heir, its really nice to spend time with family. I think as Americans we don’t spend enough time appreciating our family, which is why I love Thanksgiving so much. We all, as a nation, slow down a little bit and just appreciate, enjoy, love, and thank. What a wonderful thing!

Plus, more snow is coming, and I know you guys are as excited for the fresh powder as I am! Stephen Dent is always looking for more people to join in skiing and other outdoor adventures, so if you love to ski and need a snow buddy, please get in touch with me! Shoot me an email, the more the merrier!

Snow for Halloween!

Greenwich got blasted with snow this weekend, and they are saying the storm might not be over!  I read that 17% of Greenwich residents lost power, which is 4,950 people!  I lucked out I guess, because my power is still on and I can still open my front door.  I carved a pumpkin and put it outside on my porch, but I can’t find it anymore!  There weren’t really any tricker treaters because the city is basically in a state of emergency, so I guess I will just have to eat all this Halloween candy by myself!

There is one awesome thing about snow on Halloween though, which is-I don’t have to wait to ski until Christmas!  I will be taking the Stephen Dent-mobile out to the country of Greenwich and hitting the fresh powder this weekend, and it is going to be totally awesome.  I love Greenwich, CT because you never know who you are going to see when you’re on the slopes.  I’ve met some really interesting, and famous, people skiing in Greenwich!  I think if the snow keeps falling, I might fly to the other side of the country and check out one of my favorite little towns, DuPont, Washington.  DuPont is always good for a weekend get away, and I have a feeling that the snow is going to be fresh next weekend!

I have some time off coming up for the holidays.  I would love to hear from anybody who is out there reading this about which ski slopes are a must do this season.  Have any input?  I am willing to go anywhere if the skiing is good…

Hiking Cinque Terre, it Sure Wasn’t Greenwich!

Stephen Dent Greenwich to Cinque Terre

I just got back from an amazing hiking adventure and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Totally out of the blue, some old college friends call me up here in Greenwich and invited me out to Italy’s Tuscan hillsides to conquer the hiking route called Cinque Terre, which means “5 Earths.” I happened to have a little extra cash stored up and have always wanted to visit Italy, plus I am a huge outdoor enthusiast, so I said yes without hesitating, and booked my ticket straight away.

The flight was really long and I had to make a few transfers before I finally ended up in Pisa, Italy where I met up with my friends. Even though I was tired from the flight, the journey was so worth it, and I felt really energized and ready to explore. We went out to dinner and ate some of the local cuisine, which was absolutely world class. I wanted to thank my friends for inviting me out, so I paid for dinner. Stephen Dent always takes care of his friends, so we all ate and drank until we were feeling very merry!

We headed off to bed late, though it was still early by Italian standards. In the morning we woke up very early and caught a train from Pisa to Cinque Terre. We packed light bags with food, water, and a sleeping bag. We weren’t going to stop and sleep in a hostel, I didn’t come all the way to Europe to sleep in a hotel. We were going to rough it, and I was super excited. We began our hike that day, but by time we had arrived, it was already well into the afternoon. Cinque Terre is broken up into 5 different trails, with little towns along the way. We were able to do the first two trails the day we arrived, though we had hoped to make it through 3 of them. There were so many other tourists from all over the world that the trails were pretty crowded, which kind of sucked.

Stephen Dent Greenwich to Italy

When the sun went down all the tourists flocked to the bars and hotels, which was awesome because it meant that my friends and I got the entire outdoors to ourselves. I have never seen such beautiful stars! And the country was absolutely stunning, unlike anything I have ever seen before. The next day we woke up and finished the last 3 trails, then found our way to a fun little bar for a few drinks. We decided to camp out one more night and enjoy the scenery before heading back to the city. I was really sad when we had to leave, and I had felt a great connection with the land, which is a feeling hard to find in the United States. This was a far cry from the city I know and love, Greenwich, Connecticut, but it was a great change of pace. Stephen Dent is back in Greenwich and as happy as could possibly be! Though I do continue to think of that beautiful country. I can’t wait to find out where my next adventure will take me!

Welcome to Stephen Dent Greenwich

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